About GATTS, a leader in pilot training for over 30 years


"Dedicated To The Most Critical Element In General Aviation Safety - The Pilot"

Continuing education is a hallmark of all true professions where human safety, protection, or well-being is at stake. At GATTS, we believe that the safety, protection, and well-being of General Aviation pilots and their passengers are equally important.

The ultimate goal of aviation education is not a certificate or rating. The ultimate goal of aviation education is to enhance aviation safety through additional knowledge and refinement of essential skills.


With a career spanning over 30 years, Dale Wolcott (GATTS Founder) has been involved in various fields of aviation, including military, corporate, agricultural, and General Aviation. Most of Dale's 20,000+ hours in the air have been spent in General Aviation aircraft as a single pilot.

Over the years, the name Dale Wolcott has become synonymous with reality-based General Aviation education. As an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and FAA Safety Counselor, Dale saw the results of the inadequacies inherent in traditional General Aviation flight training. As founder and CEO of General Aviation Training and Testing Service, Dale has developed and organized a number of programs, which address, solve, and seek to prevent many of the problems and safety issues he has identified to be associated with and unique to single pilot General Aviation operations.

The key to the effectiveness and success of Dale's programs is "safety through education and simplicity." Nowhere else can the success of Dale's methods be better explained than in his highly acclaimed and immensely popular GATTS Seven Day Real World IFR Training Program.

Dale's abilities as a teacher, flight instructor, and lecturer are well known. For over 15 years, Dale presented clinics and seminars for the A.O.P.A. Air Safety Foundation on a national level. As a staff instructor for the A.O.P.A., Dale helped thousands of professional flight instructors around the country become better educators through the popular Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics.

Dale's son, Jason, also deeply involved in General Aviation education, has for many years benefited directly from Dale's expertise and guidance. Together, these acclaimed aviation educators now bring together a unique and exciting educational program dedicated to and geared toward the refinement of the most critical element in General Aviation safety - The Pilot.